2020 IFCAH Funded Projects

In 2020 IFCAH funded projects on Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia for an amount of 350 000€. Following IFCAH’s call for projects, 21 letters of intent have been received. Among them, 11 projects have been pre-selected for being reviewed and auditioned by the scientific committee.

Following projects will be funded in 2020:

Dr Hedi Claahsen, Dr Antonius Herwaarden, “The risk for developing clinical signs of cortisol deficiency in CAH and acquired adrenal insufficiency – what makes the difference?”, 75 000 €

Dr Alaa El Ghoneimi,  “New standardized method for objective short and long term functional and morphological evaluation of operated CAH genitalia in children and adolescent: The EvaSurg study”, 50 000 €

Dr Gerard Ruiz Babot, “Generation of human steroid-producing organoids: a new approach towards a treatment for CAH (Renewal)”, 100 000 € (AFM IFCAH)

Dr Andreas Schedl, “Differentiation of stem cells into adrenal organoids”, 50 000 € (AFM)

Pr Gary Hammer, “Transcriptional programs involved in ACTH-induced hyperplasia – Implication of the transcription factor Hhex in adrenal differentiation and response to chronic hormonal challenges.”, 125000 €

Funded projects summaries are available online on our IFCAH website.

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